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Kaen sensed...a vulnerability. 


Earth was undergoing a transformation with a global pandemic sheltering most of its inhabitants. He himself had only recently landed on this planet with an urge to explore (wink) and took up residence at a Guitar Center. There, in isolation, he taught himself how to use most of the equipment. Next door, he overheard a voice, registering a strange sound he would come to understand was called singing. 


An idea came to mind. 


“To record on top of the Empire State Building with the wind blowing against our faces,” says Melo-Dee, interjecting excitedly. Melo-Dee, the neighbor, was also a recent convert to the third planet from the sun; his arrival was a mistake but nonetheless he was here now. He learned how to sing when a choir leader left him with a song before departing amid the rampant emergency. 


Now, where were we? Oh, that’s right. The “plan.”


PROJECT AUTOPILOT! (Psss. Album Autopilot. And lose the caps, that scares people.)


An EP called Autopilot. That’s what we meant. 


Together, Kaen and Melo-Dee unite to form DAAM. (All praises due to Inspector Lee and Detective James Carter. #iykyk) The pair are still exploring sounds and influences as they learn the customs of Earth, particularly stateside in the U.S. So far, however Chris Tucker movies, Chris Brown records and Roddy Ricch raps have fed their combined appetites. 


Though they’ve only just met, they seem to have an uncanny ability to communicate with one another, sometimes through words, other times through what sounds like grunts and oftentimes with what seems like in-ear Dictaphones. (You’re talking too much.)


OK, maybe not quite in-ear Dictaphones. Moving on. 


The music! “Black Lambo,” the first record they made is a “Blade Runner” meets ‘80s synths with a hard left at trap type of offering. Think sexy sounds. 


“I wrote the lyrics on my Moped,” says Melo-Dee. (Get him out of here.)


There’s also the title track, “Autopilot,” another single backed by dramatic chord progressions and rap-styled club music in between. Overall, the collection of songs has a contextual fit designed to create a synergy among each number. 


One would expect nothing less from Kaen, an analytical mind who quotes Walt Disney, wears designer hoodies and Yeezy’s, and is turned off by people who talk too much. (Precisely.)


Melo-Dee, on the other hand, is an obsessive, who can’t leave the church without at least four pieces of jewelry on, marvels at the film “Money Heist” and uses singing to overcome his speech impediment. 


“I also love Dr. Pepper.” (Ooh. Me too. But only from 7-Eleven. And sometimes with gin. Most times with gin. Sidebar: Our galaxy couldn’t make a good beverage if it’s survival depended on it.)


Uh, am I leaving this soda info in? (Yes, now get to the ending.)


With new songs emerging by the day, DAAM is effortlessly stockpiling (wink) material by way of their creative share-pool. They’ve combined their ambition with their urgency to create an operation that’s equally high on quality as it is on quantity. It’s as if they’ve built the Tesla of music. 


Next up, accolades and awards. (World domination.)



August 28, 2020