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Dexter represents a bright new wave of electronic music torch carriers, primed to bring the genre to fresh, exciting spaces as a new decade unfolds. When Avicii first blended classical and folk tropes with club-ready sounds, many wondered if the crossover would work. Not only did the late star successfully bring electronic music out of the confines of club dance floors, but he also inspired a whole generation of producers to follow in those creative footsteps. Among them was Dexter, a young protégé that had started teaching himself the ins and outs of production from the ground up. Now, Dexter is finally ready to launch into the stratosphere, where his mentor once stood, ready to do Avicii justice with his own unique perspective on electronic music.


Equipped with the ability to freeze microcosmic moments of emotion through his music, Dexter is embarking on a narrative sonic journey unlike many others out there, beckoning us to come with. A self-taught guitarist and student of musical theory, armed with a finely-tuned ear for the compelling and uplifting, Dexter’s message is one of unbridled positivity and selflessness matched with a relentless work ethic. Though, even with his unceasing studio regimen, Dexter has made teaching a core component of his artistry—harkening back to his days as an unpaid studio operator, using his musical acumen to teach young up-and-coming producers piano and DAW production. Giving back through music is inextricably tethered to Dexter’s creative mission, and by the time he’s done, his lasting impact will live on in more than just his own work.


Buried under headphones, soaking in influences from Johnny Cash to Neil Young, Tiësto to DJ Snake, Dexter has quietly been piecing together his breakout moment for some time. Prepping his debut single alongside Earl St. Clair, “Answer to Love” lands in January of 2020. From there,  expect Dexter to pick up right where his mentor left off.

"Answer to Love"
January 10, 2020
"Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)"
September 25, 2019