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“That’s why I call myself Hex,” explains the twenty two year old artist. “I feel like I’m cursed by music because I’ve always done it – always gone back to it even when I haven’t meant to.”


Born and raised in Nottingham, HEX has been couched in musical tones from a young age, slowly weaving a patchwork of influence and experience that’s now made him the artist he is today. Though he worked through various projects as a teenager, producing for local grime acts in his area, it wasn’t until a few years ago that he found the distinguished melodic sound you heard on his debut track “Me, Myself and I” and its follow up “Limitless”. The two tracks introduced an atmospheric, starkly emotional world of HEX’s own. He’s since released “Canadian Drip” and “Inferno”, further evoking the dark melodious rawness of his now signature style.


“I want people to soak in the feeling,” HEX explains, drawing upon the way he writes songs – tuning into the feeling of a melody, capturing the essence of its meaning through sound, with the lyrics often slotting in after. His music is a natural progression, a sound of his own, a tapestry of all the components making up his life so far. Hex may call it a curse but so far his tracks hold a mirror to the opposing intensities of the human experience.


As for his upcoming music and where he’s going next… “I’m in a different place mentally than before. Back when my debut tracks were released, I didn’t move out of Nottingham. But now I’m here. I know what I have to do. I’ve found where I sit, and now it’s time to make everyone see it.”