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“For me, songs are little moments in time and fragments of a story,” says 25-year-old singer/songwriter Olivia Somerlyn, now known to the world as simply LIVVIA. “You can make so many songs that together tell a whole story.” It’s a mantra that the young star has maintained throughout her decade-long tenure in music. Now, with her new single “Say It,” LIVVIA continues to tell stories through her music and touch lives with her undeniable sound.


Performing since she was a teenager, LIVVIA graduated from UC Berkley while still heavily pursuing her music career. Her continuous grind led to representation by CAA, which she describes as her “Wizard of Oz” moment. “Just walking through those doors had me in complete awe,” LIVVIA says. “That was the moment I realized it was time to come out of the studio and start performing. It was really special.”


She was added to monumental tours, including opening for the Jonas Brothers and jumping across the pond to tour with the likes of Jessie J and Meghan Trainor. By 2014, she was collaborating with Nick Jonas on her single “Parachute,” which Jonas both produced and co-wrote with LIVVIA. The song hit Number One on Billboard’s Dance Club Songs chart, and a year later LIVVIA cut another Number One dance single with “OXO.”


Soon after, she headed back to the studio and that’s where LIVVIA came to be. “I changed my stage name from Olivia Somerlyn to LIVVIA to differentiate from my older material. I like to call it a fresh start.”


Having significant recent success from songs like “Catch a Body” with Quavo, LIVVIA was geared to level up. A meeting with 12Tone’s Steve Bartels proved to be fortuitous, as she was officially added to the roster in the Summer of 2018.


Her 12Tone debut tracks “Damn” and “Dizzy” showcased a new era for LIVVIA, as she crafted tracks that possessed both soul and pop vibes while still telling a story, the former being placed on the season finale of Hawaii Five-0.


LIVVIA’s new single “Say It” is described as a love story, with the theme of simply speaking what’s on your mind to the person you love. “It’s how I live my life,” she expresses. “I don’t hold back, and I love how the song captures that.” The track will kick off a series of singles that will continue to tell a story, only this time it’s LIVVIA’s. “For now, I like focusing on one song at a time and making each one an era of my career.”


After ten years of making music, LIVVIA is headed into her next phase of stardom. “My goal is to reach as many people as I can and affect people in a positive way through my music.”


"Beautiful Escape"

June 26, 2020


12Tone Music TM SM

12Tone Music TM SM