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NEFFEX Paisley jpg Photo Credit Brian Zi

It all started as a garage band using GarageBand. Since their teenage years, Bryce Savage and Cameron Wales have made music with the intent of providing the feeling once felt when they first heard their favorite artists. It’s a passion which has translated into 1.5 Billion streams under their collective group name of NEFFEX. Now, as the Southern California duo readies their debut album, the momentum and drive to craft accessible tunes like they did when they made their first 100 songs in 100 weeks continues - and they’re just getting warmed up.


With Bryce on vocals and Cam on guitar and turntables, the two began releasing one song a week—on Wednesdays at 9am to be exact. By the 20th week, NEFFEX realized they were onto something when they were able to make this their full-time career. The year was 2017, and the two were monetizing on this movement, hitting all streaming platforms aggressively.  


When they reached 60 weeks and 60 songs, Bryce and Cameron decided to hit 100. By the time they turned around and looked back, NEFFEX had galvanized an entire fan base eager for the next track, with 1.5 Billion streams in pocket. “We’re super proud of that,” Bryce continues, referring to their astronomical growth as part of their “youthful movement for freedom.”


Their biggest tracks to date: “Fight Back” and “Rumors” remain fan favorites, while the new work continues to bring their sound together. And that sound can be anything it wants to be, so when major labels came calling, the two wanted a home that would understand their knack for experimentation and fan loyalty. They found it at 12Tone. “They didn’t want to change our sound at all,” Cam says, footnoting the label as forward-thinking.


After a  sold-out European Tour in 2019, NEFFEX is pushing through 2020 with a consistent release of new tracks and a debut album on the horizon.  Above all, the mission is to reach their fans, both new ones and dedicated ones. “We want to touch people and have them feel something,” Bryce adds. “Music has always been a joy for Cam and I. We want to be that for someone.”


12Tone Music TM SM



January 15, 2021

12Tone Music TM SM