Billboard: Lauren Daigle Takes "You Say" Global With Spanish Version "Tú Dices"

The following is an excerpt from Billboard's online article. Read the full post here.

"Almost two years after releasing her chart-topping hit 'You Say,' Lauren Daigle makes her official crossover with a new Spanish-language version called 'Tú Dices.'


'Tú Dices,' along with 'Rescata' -- the Spanish version of her single 'Rescue' dropping May 15 -- was created in one day thanks to the help of her translator, who gave her confidence while recording it.

'It’s not my first language and I wanted to ensure that I wasn’t doing it entirely wrong. I wanted to respect and honor that language.'

Daigle’s two Spanish-language singles are her gift to those loving fans from Latin American who have always supported her career. As she waits for the current global health crisis to pan out, Daigle plans to resume her first-ever tour in South and Central America that was scheduled for the summer and is staying connected with fans on her "Daigle Bites" podcast.

As for her best advice to her fans during quarantine?

'Let yourself grieve, let yourself experience it, and let yourself see the beautiful and simple things in life,' she says. 'I think that the world slowing down is a good thing but we’re also realizing the importance of how valuable people and real-life connections are.'" - Billboard