Billboard: Why Ebenezer Wears His 'Bad Romantic' Label Proudly Through His 'Flaws and All'

The following are excerpts from Ebenezer's interview with Billboard.

Billboard: Can you speak to Kanye West, Drake, and Travis Scott serving as the main inspirations behind your music?

Ebenezer: They are certainly my biggest influences. I was into hip-hop early and PARTYNEXTDOOR was a huge influence as well. My sister was playing R&B, so I had both worlds of hip-hop and R&B sides in my house. It literally reflects in my music. It's weird because I sound like I'm from London, but when I sing, it just doesn't sound like me.

Yeah, after running through some of your catalog I thought to myself, "He should be signed to OVO." Then I saw your 53 Sundays opener channels Drake with "Over My Dead Body."

That project was a time in my life I wanted people to understand where I came from and how my family struggled, was running from immigration, and my mom trying to feed three kids with us sleeping in the telephone booth because we never had anywhere to stay. It leads into the story of who I am with Bad Romantic.

Rolling Stone highlighted your "Never had to whip a brick, but I get the gist" line from "Mariachi." Can you expand on what you meant with that bar?

It's basically to take the piss out of records. Yeah, you're supposedly this kingpin with how much dope you sell, but I don't believe it. It goes with the whole project as well. "You could be with all these guys talking these lies, or be with me, who's honest and admitting my flaws, which are paranoia and trust. If you're not with that, I'm still going to be out here trying to grind and hustle."

How does having social anxiety disorder impact your creativity? Does it come out when you perform?

When it comes to performing, I almost have a second persona on stage. Nothing can make me feel anxious or awkward as long as I'm in the space of a studio. As soon as I'm out, I'm not for the small talk, I'm awkward in big crowds, [and] I'm just almost like a weird kind of person among everyone else. I cope with it and I get by. I try to take every day as it comes.

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