DAAM! Shares Video for Debut Single "Black Lambo"!

DAAM! has dropped the official music video for their debut single, "Black Lambo".

Together, Kaen and Melo-Dee unite to form DAAM. The pair are still exploring sounds and influences as they learn the customs of Earth, particularly stateside in the U.S. So far, however, Chris Tucker movies, Chris Brown records, and Roddy Ricch raps have fed their combined appetites.

Though they’ve only just met, they seem to have an uncanny ability to communicate with one another, sometimes through words, other times through what sounds like grunts and oftentimes with what seems like in-ear Dictaphones. (You’re talking too much.) OK, maybe not quite in-ear Dictaphones. Moving on.

The music! “Black Lambo,” the first record they made is a “Blade Runner” meets ‘80s synths with a hard left at trap type of offering. Think sexy sounds. With new songs emerging by the day, DAAM is effortlessly stockpiling (wink) material by way of their creative share-pool. They’ve combined their ambition with their urgency to create an operation that’s equally high on quality as it is on quantity. It’s as if they’ve built the Tesla of music.

Next up, accolades and awards. (World domination.)

"When we think of animated bands in music, names like Eskimo and Gorillaz come to mind but if we’re talking strictly Hip-Hop, not many have chosen to go that route.

That’s the space animated duo DAAM! are looking to fill. Comprised of Kaen and Melo Dee, the duo are set in an intergalactic journey where they are crashing into Earth to make a mark with their musical talents. Today, the two guys who are signed to 12 Tone Music Group, are sharing their first single ever called ‘Black Lambo’ and HHNM is happy to premiere the animated clip."

- HipHop-N-More

Stream the track here.