Dolly Parton on the Meaning Behind Her Christmas Song with Miley Cyrus | Nylon

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This year, Dolly Parton made headlines for having donated to what would eventually become the vaccine for COVID-19. But the known humanitarian has also been busy producing and appearing in her Christmas special to accompany her 47th album, A Holly Dolly Christmas. The special aired on CBS on December 6, much to the delight of fans who were treated to an intimate, candle-filled set of Christmas songs by the legendary singer, including several from her new album.

To add to the celebration, Dolly recorded a behind-the-scenes video detailing the story behind A Holly Dolly Christmas tracks, including the one she duets on with goddaughter Miley Cyrus, "Christmas Is."

"It's about caring for those that don't have," she says in the video, exclusively on NYLON below. "When you have a feast on your table, remember that there are others out there with only crumbs. And that's kind of what the song is about, remembering to love and be good and to share with one another because that's what Christmas is. And I thought oh, that would be a perfect one, because it's a beautiful message, it's a beautiful song, and it just had that type of melody that lended itself to the special kind of voicing that Miley has and the harmonies that we do well together."