Exclusive Interview: Pop-Culturalist Chats with LIVVIA

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Earlier this summer, LIVVIA offered listeners a beautiful escape with her latest single. We caught up with LIVVIA to learn more about her, her career, and the release of “Beautiful Escape.”

P-C: How did you discover your passion for music? LIVVIA: I’ve always been fascinated by songwriting specifically. My mom tells stories of my very early gravitation to musical instruments and how I would teach myself to play songs by ear.


P-C: Having been a part of this industry for over ten years, what’s one thing you know now that you wish you knew when you started? LIVVIA: Stand your ground! Your artistic inclinations are what will set you apart and keep your passion alive. You need uniqueness to succeed and passion to hold on during the dips on the roller coaster.

P-C: Tell us about your new single, “Beautiful Escape.” What inspired the song? LIVVIA: It’s a love song at its core, but it can definitely relate to any kind of nostalgia. It’s really interesting that it was written a while ago, but the timing of the song relates so perfectly to the disillusionment many of us are feeling these days.


P-C: As we look ahead to the rest of 2020, what does the year hold for you?

LIVVIA: I have a handful of projects that I have revisited during quarantine. I’m planting the seeds and looking forward to seeing them come to fruition in the months and years to come. I have to get comfortable with the reality that one of my favorite aspects of my music career, touring, is off the table for a while and turn my attention to what else I can do to be productive and inspired during this time.