Jack Newsome Offers a Forward-Looking Reflection With New Single TYTWSS | American Songwriter

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“I’ve had weirdly good luck during the pandemic,” Jack Newsome told American Songwriter. “A lot of amazing things have happened for me.”

While Newsome’s pandemic experience certainly hasn’t been the universal one, there are still plenty of Americans who feel very similar to the 24-year-old songwriter. Despite the struggles spurred by the unprecedented health crisis and economic turmoil, many folks have been lucky enough to actually have pretty good years. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean that they were immune to the anxiety and uncertainty that came along with it all. A complex and difficult thing to process, Newsome decided to take all of his reflections and put them onto the page—the end result was his beautiful new single, “The Year The World Stood Still,” which dropped on January 8.

“I wanted this song to be all-encompassing,” Newsome said. “There isn’t really a bias on it. It’s not like a ‘This is right, that is wrong’ type of thing. It’s more of a holistic snapshot of the year. I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining or anything because I know that there are a lot of people who have had their health compromised or have lost loved ones or have lost their jobs. For me, I just lost my flexibility and ability to see people. So, thematically, I want the song to age like fine wine. I want this song to reach its peak in, like, 20 years or so. Once we fully have COVID-19 under control and everyone is fully vaccinated and healthy, I want people to be able to sing the song to the next generation of kids. You know how old people say ‘Well, back in my day’? I want this song to be like that for us when we get old.”