Jackson Wang on His Most Historic Collab Yet | Paper

The following is an excerpt from Paper Magazine. Read the full article here.

Jackson Wang's crossover into fashion from music has been nothing short of skyrocketing. This year alone, he's served as the face of Cartier, Ray-Ban and Armani while scoring covers for Harper's Bazaar China, Elle Singapore and L'Officiel USA. He also found time to release two successful solo singles and an entire album with Got7, the South Korean boy band that brought him international fame.

Wang, who found time to chat with PAPER in the middle of his Korean tour, recently launched a collaboration with the famed artist Claude Monet and his estate via Team Wang, his newly launched streetwear brand that took three years to develop. (He's previously teamed up with Fendi, Adidas and StockX.) The company says this is the first brand to ever collaborate with Monet and his works.

"When we had chance to discuss this project, we got very drawn to Claude Monet's background and story," he says. "Monet being the first to ever introduce abstract and impressionist. It inspired me even more to "know yourself and make your own history" which is the core DNA message from Team Wang."