NEFFEX talks 'Mind Reader,' digital age, dream duets, and success | Digital Journal

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They released 100 songs in 100 weeks, and as a result, they racked up over two billion streams. "It feels amazing. It was a ton of work, but also a ton of fun watching our YouTube and Spotify grow and interacting with all the fans who enjoyed and were inspired by our music. Two billion streams is insane," they said with a sweet laugh.

"I wrote Mind Reader with Pat Mencel and Ian Walsh, and they were awesome to work with. It just started with a simple guitar part and then I just started writing lyrics and melodies and we all just vibed and went with the flow. Both those guys have great energy in the studio. Next, we sent it off to our good friend MASN because we thought he'd be a perfect fit and he loved it. He sent us his part back and it was a no-brainer so we left him on and the rest is history."

On their music and songwriting inspirations, Bryce said, "I am very much inspired by my own experiences, my friends and families' experiences, stories I hear, and movies I watch. Anything can be an inspiration as an artist."

Cameron added, "I go based on how I’m feeling at a given moment, which is definitely driven by my experiences as well, and often meshes with many of my musical influences and personal inspirations from growing up."

They opened up about life during the quarantine. "We're starting to get pretty restless. It's time to start going back to traveling/touring, festivals, be able to go out with friends, and be social. The silver lining is really getting to be introspective and look at your life and also work on things that could be beneficial in the future," they said.

NEFFEX revealed that their future plans include a lot of new music. "We can't wait to just keep making and releasing music for everyone who supports us so much," they said.

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