Popular TV Sits Down with LIVVIA for Exclusive Interview

The following is an excerpt from Popular TV's "Sound Off: LIVVIA" Interview. Read the full article here.

1) Congrats on the Happiness Begins Tour! How did that come about? Thank you so much! I had the best time! I’ve always been a huge Jonas Brothers fan, and we became friends years ago after meeting at a restaurant after one of their shows. Their family is some of my favorite people in the world! It was an honor to be even a part of such an amazing tour.

2) What city/venue was your favorite to perform in? Why?

The iconic O2 Arena in London was one of my favorite shows. We played there on 02/02/2020 to a sold-out crowd of 20,000 — and my dressing room was #20! Which all feels a little magical! I love the entire UK, so the whole UK leg of the tour was extremely special to me.


4) What can you tell us about your recent single “Say It”?

“Say It” is a song about speaking your mind and not holding back. It’s framed in a romantic context but can apply to so much more. I don’t like to rock the boat and avoid confrontation, so I’ve been working on being more assertive lately, and I hope this song has inspired and will inspire people to just say it.


9) Musically, what is a dream you have fulfilled?

I’ve been lucky enough to have already fulfilled some significant dreams. Multiple songs on the top 40 chart, opening for some of my favorite artists (Jonas Brothers, Jessie J, and more), writing music with Nick Jonas, creating music videos that I visualized while writing the songs… It’s nice to look back and remember how far I’ve come since I’m always looking forward to the next accomplishment.


14) What does popular mean to you?

In general, I think the word popular describes things that many people can relate to and/or enjoy. But that doesn’t mean their appeal has to be universal — things can be popular among certain audiences or demographics, but not resonate with others.

15) Can you tell us about any shows or projects you have coming up?

I’m working on a couple of exciting projects at the moment. None I can speak too specifically about, unfortunately, but I will have some exciting news to share in a matter of weeks!