Pulse Spikes: Singer-Songwriter LIVVIA's Goal Is for her Music to Inspire & Empower Listeners

The following is an excerpt from LIVVIA's interview with Pulse Spikes. Read the full article here.

"Singer-songwriter LIVVIA’s goal is for her music to “inspire and empower” listeners. From collaborations with Nick Jonas, Quavo, and Prince Royce, to landing her single “Damn” on the season finale of Hawaii Five-0, LIVVIA has already found success in the music industry—and she’s only just getting started. LIVVIA chats with us about how she balanced a blossoming music career with her studies, how she measures success for her music, and the importance of looking at challenges as opportunities.


Are you working on any new music? Or have you discovered any new songs that you love?

I’m always working on new music! I’m in the process of figuring out how to record music from where I’m quarantined with my family, since I’m not at my place in LA with my studio setup. I also try to watch Sofi Tukker’s DJ set on Instagram live every day at 10 PT. Whenever I can make it, it’s the highlight of my day. I’m a big fan of solo dance parties, and these are the best I’ve ever had! A handful of my friends from around the world watch with me from our various quarantines.

You started off in the industry as Olivia Somerlyn and recently rebranded to LIVVIA. You found success as Olivia Somerlyn—putting out hit songs like “Parachute” and “OXO” and touring with the Jonas Brothers and Jessie J—so what fueled your decision to give yourself a fresh start in the music industry? I had taken some time off from touring and had been spending more time in the studio working with new people and continuing to develop my style. As the music evolved, it felt right to create a new name for the project. I love the strength and symmetry of the name “LIVVIA.” It’s my two nicknames, Liv and Via, put together, and means “live via music,” “live through music.” 

What would you say is the biggest change between LIVVIA and Olivia Somerlyn? Has the way you approached music changed at all since becoming LIVVIA? My ultimate goal has always been to inspire and empower. The music and work I’ve done as LIVVIA has, in my view, accomplished that goal better than before. 

Back in 2014, you also co-wrote the song “Parachute” with Nick Jonas, which hit Number One on Billboard’s Dance Club Songs chart. What do you think you bring to the table during collaborations?

Writing with Nick was a dream come true. He’s been one of my favorite writers forever. I always come in with a lot of concepts and unique titles and stories because saying something fresh and unusual is key in my view. I’m a very flexible writer so I can adapt to however a co-writer or producer prefers to work. I’ll play something on guitar or piano, improvise melodies over a track, talk through a concept for hours before even starting to write the song… I love it all. 

Your new single “Say It,” encourages listeners to speak what’s on their mind to the person that they love. Have there been moments where you felt held back, afraid of expressing what’s on your mind? Absolutely! I don’t like upsetting people or being difficult, and I’m not a fighter at all, so I tend to keep things in and process them myself. Sometimes that can be an asset, but some things need to be expressed. I’ve been working on that. I’m always going to be one to want to process things first and then express things calmly. Think before you speak, as they say. 

Can you share anything about your upcoming music? Are there certain themes you want to get across? I can’t reveal too much, but I love what’s coming next so much. I keep honing in on my style, and it will be the next evolution of that process."