Raveena Channels Her Inner Child With "Tweety" | Paper

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"Like a Telfar drop, I don't wanna see it then it's gone," sings rising star Raveena on her new single, "Tweety," comparing the internet's buzziest bag to a budding love affair. The track, which follows the soul musician's 2020 MoonstoneEP, calls back to the ease of early 2000's Destiny's Child with enough contemporary references to sound fresh — and, in many ways, progressive — for a modern-day release.

"Tweety" is intimate and knowingly innocent, like listening in on a three-way call taken from her childhood bedroom with furry pastel pillows, Usher posters and rainbow gel pen love letters strewn across the floor. "Blushing like I'm tweety bird," Raveena admits. "If you want me you can say the word/ You feel like my favorite song/ I'm too shy to sing along."

But the music video for "Tweety" is far from restrained. Directed by Raveena and Chris Cadaver, the visuals look like twisted takes on the commercials you'd see in-between shows on TeenNick. She sits on a giant transparent telephone, flings sticky hands at the camera, contorts her body on a stylized Twister board and poses with a blown-up head like one of Steve Madden's campaign models.

Below, Raveena, who's 26 and currently LA-based, tells PAPER more about the making of "Tweety" and one crazy COVID night when she kidnapped her friend and drove her to Malibu to play tag on the beach during sunset.