READ: Christian Paul Discusses His Admiration for Soul Music, Upcoming EP, & More with Singersroom

Below is an excerpt from Christian Paul's exclusive interview with Singersroom.

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You named R&B/Soul greats like Marvin Gaye, Maxwell, Curtis Mayfield, D’Angelo, and Prince as influences, how did you get to the place where you appreciated these artists?

I inherited an appreciation and love for the R&B/Soul greats like the ones you just mentioned from my dad and his side of the family. R&B/Soul music was at the heart of every playlist and mixtape that my dad put together and every road trip CD that he burned. My uncle also has always had an affinity for Soul music; so much so that he actually started writing it in his teenage years and has continued to this very day. My passion for soul music was very much so passed down to me.


How did you find music? Did you grow up in a musical household, or are you first generation?

I grew up in a household where it was not uncommon for us to listen to music for hours, giving it our undivided attention. Though R&B/Soul was central to everything that was played in the house, my mom introduced me to roots soul/rock like The Band and the Dooby Brothers. My older brother was a guitarist in a Weezer cover band when I was really young, so I can get down with some Weezer to this day!


What story are you trying to convey as a new artist? What makes you unique?

As a new artist, I want to grab the attention of and captivate listeners by marrying impressively delivered Pop/R&B top-lines over hip hop/trap-influenced production. I’m sure my sound will evolve over time, but the thing that will always define my artistry is its underlying soulful essence.


When you’re not recording and performing, what other hobbies make you tick?

When I’m not recording or performing, I love to go on walks or hikes. Anyone that knows me knows that I have difficulty sitting in one place for too long. I like to read literature rooted in truth that causes me to be introspective and encourages my spirit. Above both of these things, spending time with the people I love most is what uplifts me the most.