Southern California's NEFFEX Announces the Release of Their Debut Album, New Beginnings, Coming 9/25

“Dabbling in everything from rock to hip-hop, EDM and more, the duo’s impossible to pigeonhole sound is a reflection of the way music is consumed today” -FORBES

NEFFEX, the duo who garnered over 2 billion streams by releasing 100 self-produced, self-mixed, and self-mastered songs in 100 weeks in 2018, will release their debut album, New Beginnings, on September 25 via 12Tone Music. Their previous untraditional, non cookie-cutter release strategy continues to stream at approximately 100M+ per month and sparked the interest of hundreds of YouTube channels and influencers. By the end of 2018, they had unleashed over 110 originals, plus remixes, that blended the sonic worlds of guitar- driven pop, alternative, electronic and hip-hop. Now gearing up to release their debut album, the duo states, “New Beginnings will be a journey. Each song has its own feel and its own story and we’re super excited to release some new music. We know our fans have been patiently waiting and we appreciate all of you.”

It all started as a garage band using GarageBand. Since their teenage years, Bryce Savage and Cameron Wales have made music with the intent of providing the feeling once felt when they first heard their favorite artists. It’s a passion which helped translate into billions of streams under their collective group name of NEFFEX previously. Now, as the Southern California duo readies their debut album, the momentum and drive to craft accessible tunes like they did when they made their first 100 songs in 100 weeks continues - and they’re just getting warmed up.


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