Watch "Arms" by Jack Newsome | EQ Music

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I have happy news to share with you today, in follow-up to tenderly affecting track “The Year The World Stood StillJack Newsome has returned with another soft, dreamy but utterly fantastic pop release. A change in mood is on the horizon for the rising singer, songwriter, producer, for the new release “Arms” he’s taking things more upbeat and somewhat bathed in softly lit disco-pop hues. In fact, he’s seeming rather jovial. I deduce from the light on his feet moves shared in the video, something or someone has helped out with putting a spring in his step.

Without a doubt, one of the hardest aspects enforced during the pandemic is that human touch has been off-limits. A whole year of not being permitted to hug our family and loved ones has been a tough ask. (We all know this.) Jack’s take on the situation is to not dwell on the past but look to the future. And so, he’s written “Arms” about the person he is missing most. He thinks out loud about the first (restriction-free?) meet-up. While fantasizing about what that moment will feel like. “What’s the point of having arms if I can’t wrap them around you?” he sings.