We Rave You: Galantis Unveil Collaboration with Jackson Wang, "Pretty Please"

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A mixture of catchy lyrics and a playful melody is what will make ‘Pretty Please’ an instant staple track on your playlist. The song comes with an official video, a throwback to 90s Hong Kong love stories that is giving us major “West Side Story” vibes. Jackson Wang takes us behind the scenes when he talks about the mesmerizing video that they shot for the collaboration with Galantis:

“I’ve always been a fan of Chinese Hong Kong movies. For the music video treatment, I first thought, it would be kinda cool to do something like the Hong Kong movies. It’s something different, and it’s something that I like and always wanted to do. Chinese classic Hong Kong 90s movie concept, a love story. For the song, if you listen to it, you’re never gonna imagine a visual like this, but that’s like a little twist. Me chasing after this girl, the same actress from 100 Ways, it’s kinda fun because in 100 Ways it was like an ancient Chinese Romeo and Juliet. But this time it’s more modern than 100 Ways.”

Check out the video for Jackson Wang’s collaboration with Galantis ‘Pretty Please’ below and stream the fresh track here.